Welcome to the Electron Garage!

We are an Electric Vehicle conversion company based in Scotland who take internal combustion engines vehicles and convert them to full electric drivetrain. You can follow along on our journey by subscribing to our newsletter and subscribing to our Youtube channel.

Who are we?

The Electron Garage is a group of driven individuals who have a real love for cars, driving and EV Conversions. We have taken our passion and turned in into a business. We also aim to provide a much needed kickstart to the EV Conversion market, not only bringing viable solutions to our customer’s vehicles, but also building a platform to enable other individual’s to build their own projects.

Nissan Leaf EV

What we do

EV Repairs

Here at Electron Garage we not only build electric vehicles but we repair and service them too. We are also HEVRA approved so you will be safe in the knowledge your Electric Car is in safe hands an will be thoroughly checked and tested before we hand it back to you.

EV Conversion

It’s no small job converting a vehicle to electric, but we have a strong team of in house mechanical and electrical technicians to get you project underway.

EV Conversion team

Thumbnail of Euan EG EV Team Member.

Euan Campbell

Electrical Technician

Euan has served his time as a qualified Electrician in the solar industry and has a wide range of experience in the sector. He is our electrical technician at the garage.

EV EG Team Member Wayne

Wayne Campbell

Head Technician

Wayne has a long history with not only cars, but general construction and fabrication. He has many years of experience at Alba and is our Lead Technician.


Most frequent questions and answers

We can convert most vehicles but you have to think about the costs associated with a conversion – even just the cost of a kit to convert could well be more than simply buying an electric car. So if you have that much loved classic tucked away and want a bit more fun and performance then we can certainly help you convert that.

There a multiple reasons for an EV Conversion on a classic. As a result, some of which are: improved performance, increased reliability and sustainabilty.

The cost of a conversion depends entirely on the range and perfomance you want out of the vehicle, a ballpark figure would be anywhere from £20,000 upwards.

There’s nothing more rewarding than getting salvaged vehicle parts and repurposing them in a conversion, especially a classic – this really is a true circular economy. Sometimes there is a requirement to use new parts and we have established a great supply chain for these.

Support Services

Phone Call

We are always available to help you over the phone! Give us a bell if you need any advice.

Video Support

If you get stuck and need to speak to someone face to face we can help with a video call. This would be a 30 minute service charged at £35. Just drop us an email with your specific issue and a suitable time.

Online Chat

If you just need a quick chat or need to know the answer to a question, we can chat with you via email.