Welcome to the Electron Garage!

We are a Scottish EV Conversion company who are converting classic cars to electric. You can follow along with our journey by subscribing to our newsletter and checking out our Youtube channel. If you would like to see our store click the button below…

Who are we?

The Electron Garage is a group of driven individuals who have a real passion for cars, driving and EV Conversions. We aim to take that passion and turn in into not just a side project but a business. We also have a
desire to provide a much needed kickstart to the Scottish EV Conversion
market, not only bringing viable solutions to our customer’s cars, but
also building a platform to enable other individual’s to build their own
projects. Electron Garage aims to have a store that is not only varied
in parts, but also at an affordable price. Our goal is to create an EV
hub for hobbyists and professionals.​

Nissan Leaf EV

What we do

EV Repairs

Here at Electron Garage we both build and maintain electric vehicles. We will ensure that your electric car will have a proper service, if you have an accident we will be there to help get your vehicle back on the road.

EV Conversion

Our team can convert a vast range of electric vehicles ranging from small classic cars to vans. If you have a question whether a EV conversion is possible, contact us and we can clarify all of your options.

EV Conversion team

Thumbnail of Euan EG EV Team Member.

Euan Campbell

Electrical Technician

Euan has served his time as a qualified Electrician in the solar industry and has a wide range of experience in the sector. He is our electrical technician at the garage.

EV EG Team Member Wayne

Wayne Campbell

Head Technician

Wayne has a long history with not only cars, but general construction and fabrication. He has many years of experience at Alba and is our Lead Technician.

EV EG Team Member Jamie

Jamie Fisher

Mechatronic Engineer

Jamie is currently finishing his BEng Mechatronics Honours degree at university. He is mainly involved in  the programming/manufacturing side of things.


Most frequent questions and answers

We primarily convert classic cars, we do not noramlly convert any modern cars and we have plans for this is in the future. Modern cars can have extra complications and additional work must be done to convert them. If you have any questions about the car you want to convert, let us know and we will aim to answer them.

There a multiple reasons for an EV Conversion on a classic. As a result, some of which are: improved performance, increased reliability and sustainabilty.

The cost of a conversion depends entirely on the range and perfomance you want out of the vehicle, a ballpark figure would be anywhere from £20,000 upwards.

We try out best to keep cars out of the scrapyards, we like to salvage the working parts from cars destined for the grave. We also do in-house manufacturing of custom parts.

Support Services

Phone Call

We are always available to help you over the phone! Give us a bell if you need any advice.

Video Calling

If you need a hand with a problem or some consultation, we can video call you to see face to face. Prices start at £75/hr.

Online Chat

If you just need a quick chat or need to know the answer to a question, we can chat with you via email.