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EV Conversion of a Moris Minor

Converting Classic Cars

At Electron Garage we love the classics in any shape or form. Some are true masterpieces of engineering and some have been in storage for a long time – maybe they were hard to live with, breaking down at the worse possible times. There are 2 camps really about converting classic cars to electric – the purists: “Oh you don’t want to be doing that it’s sacrilege, you’ve taken it’s soul“. That’s fine we get that and there is some classics we wouldn’t want to convert, but there’s so many cars out there that are just great looking but they are a bit all show and no go. These cars are the ones that benefit by still keeping the original looks and feel by breathing new life into it, giving the owner confidence and more importantly the spark that the car once gave them.

Our services

EV Conversions

Our team will guide you through your EV conversion journey and will update you every step along the way. If you desire, you can come into the workshop and join us to see how and what exactly we are doing to your beloved car.

EV Servicing

When the dreaded time to service your car comes around, our HEVRA approved mechanics will be there to help you out. We know how expensive and clumsy larger garages can be with EVs, so we keep our prices down to encourage driving Electric Vehicles.

EV Repairs

Sadly, though we love electric cars, we do have to admit that sometimes things can go wrong. But don't worry we have you covered! Just get in touch with our team and pop into the garage for a cuppa whilst we fix any issues you may have! 

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What does HEVRA approval mean?

HEVRA is an independant organisation that ensures members meet certain standards when it comes to training and equipment. HEVRA also offers technical support to our members and keeps them up-to-date on new technology, so your local garage not only has their own expertise, but that of our entire network. The HEVRA logo means at one glance you know a garage knows what they’re doing, and has the tools, equipment, data and backup to work on your electric or hybrid car, whether you need an MOT, servicing, air conditioning, brakes, or other services.

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Customers Reviews

I took my Tesla into the Electron Garage for a full service – brakes, suspension, fluid levels/changes, the works. The team were professional throughout and did top class work at about a third of the price of a Tesla Service Centre. I highly recommend them and look forward to seeing their classic car to EV conversions coming out of the workshop in the near future! I’ll definitely be back!

Dr Euan McTurk


It’s fantastic to have an independent Electric Vehicle specialist garage. The team at Electron Garage very very helpful and knowledgeable when my Nissan Leaf had it’s service and MOT. A repair was needed and this was dealt with very well. I will definitely be back for my next service- thank you.

Elinor Chalmers


Took my nissan leaf here for a major service. Friendly owner took time and was accommodating to my availability when making the appointments and did a great job. Will definitely return!”

Wendy Van Leeuwen