Battery Upgrade and Replacement!

Battery Upgrade

If you are looking to extend the range of your car we may be able to help. We have some options below that you may be interested in.

Battery replacement

If your car's battery has degraded and you are no longer getting sufficient range, we can replace the current battery, giving your car a new lease of life.

Supplying Hardware

If you are a garage that's specialised in EVs we can supply you with all the necessary hardware to replace and upgrade Nissan Leaf HV batteries for your customers.

Bring your own Battery

Although we do have batteries to put into your car, if you would prefer to bring your own battery (BYOB) we will fit it for you.

Trade in your old battery

Depending on the State of Health in the battery pack, you could save £1000 off the price of the upgrade. This battery will be sent away and used for stationary storage.


If you or your garage needs technical help, get in touch with us and we can provide support packages.

BYOB Installation

Starting From
£ 1800
  • Battery Install
  • BYOB
  • Nissan Leaf

40KWh Installation

Starting From
£ 8000
  • Battery Install
  • Battery
  • Nissan Leaf

30KWh Installation

Starting From
£ 7000
  • Battery Install
  • Battery
  • Nissan Leaf


If you would like to upgrade of replace your battery, get in touch with us and we will schedule a time for discussing your options.

The expected range should be equivalent to the Nissan Leaf Model the battery was taken from. This number is hard to quote as it can vary depending on real world conditions.

We look to salvage batteries from cars that have been in accidents but still have fully functional cells. We want to save good batteries from being wasted in the scrapyard!

Primarily we can work with Nissan Leaf vehicles at the moment, if you have any questions regarding your EV, give us a shout.


EV Enhanced Logo

We have partnered with EVs Enhanced from New Zealand, who have worked hard to develop the HV Battery translators that we will use on your upgrade. We also sell the products to other companies who want to carry out these upgrades throughout the UK and Europe.