Nissan Leaf Makeover!
Nissan Leaf Illustration

Nissan Leaf Makeover!

Original Nissan Leaf.

We at the electron garage appreciate a good old fashioned Nissan Leaf however, after some thought and discussion with our friends over at DAS Signs, We decided to give our Leaf a facelift! And of course, we want to share the car’s progression with you, please read along and hopefully, you too will enjoy the leaf’s makeover.

Let Wrapping Begin!

The guys over at DAS signs really don’t mess about, they stripped the Leaf down entirely and wrapped the panels without any door handles or trim in the way. We were extremely impressed with the measures taken to ensure complete coverage. Already we can see that the leaf is really taking shape!

The Final Product!

Wow… The Satin Wrap really takes this Leaf to a new level! I wish that the photos done this car justice, the depth of colour is fantastic, this wrap was 100% worthwhile. Not only do we hope that people can appreciate the wrap, we hope that people will notice the car and spread some awareness of EV’s.

A Big Thanks to DAS Signs!

An Image taken from the DAS Sign Facebook Page.

Once again I’d like to say a big thanks to DAS Signs for the amazing work that they have done. A very accommodating service and they were open to suggestions and were glad to make changes. I’d also like to thank you all for reading along and I hope that you will stick with us in anticipation for the start of the Karmann Ghia Build!

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