Upcoming EV’s to look out for in 2020
A vector image of a Honda e.

Upcoming EV’s to look out for in 2020

With electric vehicles becoming more and more accessible and manufacturers accelerating the transition to electric cars, we’ve picked out some of our favourite up and coming electric vehicles! Check them out below:

1. Honda e

The Honda e, Honda’s first purpose-built all-electric car will arrive towards the end of the year, dropping two different power specifications –a 134bhp unit and a whopping 152bhp e-motor (0-60 in 8 seconds!)

Interior-wise the Honda e is the future, featuring two 12.3 inch touchscreens, cameras replacing door mirrors and your very own co-pilot! The front passenger can search for information such as maps, directions, etc. and swipe it to the driver’s screen. The e will utilise a 35.5kWh lithium-ion battery with a range of around 136 miles, perfect for urban use in normal mode, or a zip around town in sports mode.

2. Rivian R1T

For our second EV, we head to the other end of the spectrum! The Rivian R1T is the first release from Rivian and it is an absolute monster. Modeled off the F150 at 5.4 meters long, it features 147kWh e-motors on each wheel! It can travel from 0-60 in an insane 3 seconds. The R1T is silent, releasing zero emissions. It has three different battery pack specifications, 105 kWh, 135 kWh and 180 kWh with a 400-mile range. Unlike the Honda e, the R1T is more traditional inside, with a digital infotainment system and acres of space. The Rivian will be released late 2020, keep posted!

3. Mini Cooper SE

Next up we’ve got the Mini Cooper SE, boasting a 134kWh e-motor, it can hit 0-60 in around 7.3 seconds. In terms of range, the SE has a real range of 110 miles with a 32.6kWh battery capacity. Unlike our previous entries, the Mini Cooper SE will be making its first deliveries in March 2020.

4.BMW iX3

Unveiled at the Beijing Motor Show 2018, the BMW iX3 is a sleek, fully-electric SUV that utilises BMW’s eDrive technology whilst delivering emission-free drives. The fifth-generation of eDrive technology encompasses the electric motor, transmission and power electronics, delivering an impressive 270bhp (0-60 in 6 seconds)!

The iX3 will contain a 70kWh battery, although not as large as the Rivian R1T’s it’ll be able to keep you going for250 miles. Similarly to the Honda e, the iX3 will be dropping in Autumn 2020.

Final Thoughts

And there we have it! Just a wee selection of some of the many electric vehicles going onto the market this year. It’s a really exciting time for EV’s, with industry leaders releasing more efficient, accessible and cheaper products for the public, expect big advances in the technology.

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